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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 25, 2015 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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the stars show cased their red carpet looks at the emmys but the street style is where we draw real inspiration. ok! tv teaming up with bella new york magazine to bring you the looks. editor in chief has part two of today's ok!tv style. >> celebrities know how to pull together chic looks. they sported true california casual style at l.a.x. airport over the weekend. both in washed out denim paired with a simple white tee and blazers to complete the look. justin channelled a similar style in manhattan going for blue on blue with a t-shirts and jeans combination. courtney cox added stripes to the look with a an oversized
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long steved t-shirt and jeans. the martian actress combined a simple white t-shirt with a black mini skirt and tennis shoes on the town in new york. whitney shows off her romantic side in l.a. toning down the feminine look with a pair of sporty shoes. anne hathaway has this elegant look. street style never looked so good. if you want more fashion, check out bella from the ok! tv city sight-seeing celebrity bus in new york city i'm sonja isabelle. thanks for watching.
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john had originally talked to meet with putin to talk about gay rights in russia. putin is open to a meeting when their schedules commit. >> the president of china is making a commitment aimed at reducing gases. the so-called cap and trade initiative builds on a deal that president x jinping reached with president obama last year in beijing. despite common ground on climate change, the u.s. and china still facing thorny issues at tonight's state dinner. >> they had a private dinner before they had a official meeting where cybersecurity concerns are on the agenda. tonight the white house is rolling out the red carpet. s and has more on the decor and the menu. >> pomp and pageantry of a state dinner returns to the white house tonight. president obama, chinese
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president xi jinping and their 200 guests will dine on the white house's finest china. centerpieces feature pink and orange roses. what do you serve two presidents? a four-course meal had blending american and chinese flavors. the menu includes wild mushroom soup with black trfls and poached maine lobster. the main course grilled lamp flown in from colorado with sauteed baby broccoli from local farmers markets. the dessert is even more extra gant, poppy seed and lemmon occurred pudding or tiny pastries from this display appropriately named a stroll through the garden. one of the trickiest parts of the dinner is the timing >> in a matter of like 45 minutes, we are going to be handing out about 800 plates, and that's not a small logistical matter to deal with.
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guests enjoy a concert by grammy award winning artist neo who sang alongside the president last year. something guests might hope he'll do again at this dinner. ar let signs, abc news, the white house. who's idea was it to do that piece at this hour? >> i'm salivating looking at that. it is a chinese state dinner. they expect to be hungry an hour later. >> that's only when you eat sushi. come on. it's been all pope all day here in new york city and perhaps his presence was just what the football giants needed to notch their first victory of the season. >> thursday night football had the giants hosting the washington redskins. the giants scoring early when running back rasheed jennings blocked the redskins' tress way punt. nailing a safety. they wrapped up with an o'dell beckham junior 30-yard touch down and a ruben ran del -- it's randle, 41-yarder.
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>> final score, 32-21. it's randall? >> randle, you got it right. >> i did get it right. >> you did a good job. as a washington redskins fan and a fan of their quarterback, i was hoping that they would pull out a victory but miracles got to happen sometime tort giants. >> it's rashad randle. rashad jennings. i'm just going to stop sports right there and move onto the battle of the box office this weekend into it is coming up. toby mcversus robert de niro. the reviews are in. we've got them when we visit the "insomniac theater." plus a rough week for donald trump as the attacks from republican rivals pile on. but first, we have a really cool weather map. it beats yours. >> "world news now" weather
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the pope had riding in the popemobile down new york's fifth avenue with thousands of people crowding the sidewalks. trying to get a glimpse. he was on the way to an evening prayer service at st. patrick's cathedral. he'll say a full mass tonight at madison square garden before heading to philadelphia tomorrow. >> a lot of excitement in the city right now. >> the at st. patrick's cathedral, $177 million to restore that church, and they actually allowed the people who were working, the construction workers to stand on the steps as the pope arrived. >> that's a good movement. a beautiful church. they did a great job. we're going to turn our focus from the pope to politics now and forget about hillary and bernie and joe, the republican presidential hopefuls are making most of their shots at the front-runner right now, donald trump. >> the billionaire holding steady in the bowls but others
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tomium has has the latest. >> his rivals are calling him out as uninformed. >> i would have crawled under a rock long ago. that's part of it, you know. >> reporter: a new poll showing fiorina now in second place in new hampshire and just behind her, marco rubio also taking aim at trump. >> he's not well informed on the issues. he never talks about issues and can't have more than a ten-second sound bite on any key issue. he's an insecure guy. >> all week trump ripping into his competition. >> rubio, i've never seen a young guy sweat that much. >> reporter: and trump fending off new accusations of sexism after this comment about hillary clinton. >> and hillary who has become shrill, you know the word shrill? she's become shrill. >> trimp insiting he was say the same thing about a man. >> i think the word doesn't
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apply to women exclusively. >> and donald trump clearly going after the evangelical vote meeting with a socially conservative group of value voters and pastors or monday. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> coming up, we're going to have much more on whether your children should spend time in front of the computer and video screens. it's a battle i have at home. >> and how much time are
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tt2watv# #4 bt@qmk\ tt2watv# #4 "a@q]g8 tt2watv# #4 bm@qvl4 tt4watv# #4 " dztq w$8 tt4watv# #4 " entq ' x tt4watv# #4 " gzt& >' tt4watv# #4 " hnt& .)l tt4watv# #4 " iztq d@4 tt4watv# #4 " jntq v0t tt4watv# #4 " lzt& n]( well, according to a recent poll more than half of all parents think their children spend too up time in front of screens. >> no doubt. what's the real impact on kids?
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dr. richard besser took a look. >> reporter: screens, parents can't live with them. >> time to put it away. >> and kids can't live without them. >> stop. >> we've heard the downsides of excessive screen time. how they alter children's sleep, school performance, even aggressive behavior. among kids 8 and older, one study found between 1999 and 2009, screen time increased by an hour. to more than seven hours a day. but in kids younger than 8, it's the wild west. they're just aren't any studies yet. >> it's a cautionary tale. we really have to think about is there a downside to there because we don't know yet. >> tova cline runs the bernard toddler center in new york city. she invited us to watch a group of preschoolers to see the difference between kids playing with regular toys and ipads. when we bring the kids in the room, the two boys garrett
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while the girls choose toys. >> the thing that surprised me the most was that more children weren't attracted to the screens. girls as they get older tend to be more involved in that imaginary play. >> while there's no research to show that boys favor technology more than girls at this age, look what happens when we try to distract milo from the ipad. >> what are you playing? >> he has no response. they get glued. they really get glued to technology. >> but the girls never fully tune out their environment, talking, interacting, connecting. >> are all the people up there? can you fit them all in there? >> she's not missing what's going on in the rest her environment. >> but the buys can't even hear the teacher calling their name. >> they were incredibly focused. is that a good thing or bad day? >> it's not bad if it's not all day. some children would be on a screen all day if given a choice. >> next we take away all the ipads about you one.
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garrett dominates it. milo has trouble transitioning minutes. when the last ipad is taken away, the boys join the girls in being more social, verbal, and creative. >> even though they were really create. children were doing. other. >> they were reacting to each other. they were watching each other, childhood. new york. >> everything in moderation, right, kendis? hey -- >> i don't really believe in the theory. >> oh. what do you have there? >> what is that? is that like a commodore 68? >> probably your belly button. clearly have attachment issues. >> separation anxiety, as well. >> well, what are you playing there, pac man? >> tetris. >> miss pac-man. >> that's the only one i can really do. >> do that well? coming up, a cold war thriller
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"the intern". >> time now for "insomniac theater." two new movies at the box office this weekend. >> first up is "pawn sacrifice," the true story of the chess drama that unfolded during the cold war. toby mcguire stars as chess prodigy bobby fischer set to play the reigning world champion soviet boris spassky, playedly leave swrib ir. their battle was dubbed the match of the century with immense national pride online and the pressures of the game have a noticeable effect on the eccentric american psyche. >> i think that chess dominance problems soviet intellectual west. >> i don't care about politics. >> they're using cles to say screw america.
2:53 am
two guys on the board. the one makes a move, the other makes a move and that's it. >> i'm a chess fan myself. i'm also hopelessly patriotic. >> so the reviews are favorable for this one for the most part with andrea chase of killer movie reviews saying it las all the suspense and intrigue of an espionage thriller. peter traverse noting biopics are a dime a dozen but toby mcguire gives such a transforming transformative performance that you're looked. >> up next "the intern." ann lathway plays the founder after a fashion company. she agrees to participate in a community outreach program that helps senior citizens find internships. jewels wendy's up employing deniro, retire yee and widower
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the workforce will give him a fresh lease on life. he discovers some things have changed. >> this is the first time we're hiring senior interns. we're going to go for itna. >> fire away. >> where did you go to school? >> i went to northwestern. >> hey, my brother went to northwestern. >> probably not the same time. >> probably not. he graduated in 2009. >> class of '65. do you remember? >> the reviews for this one a bit mixed with guy lodge of variety saying it takes all the leads considerable combined charm to forestall the after taste of the pic's smug life lessons while film ink notes it is capitalizes on believability of chemistry between anne hathaway and de niro to produce a romcom that is genuinely satisfying. i'd go see this one. both two good movies.
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this morning on "world news now," pope francis takes new york. >> the pontiff copies his whirlwind tour of the u.s., building momentum off that historic speech in the capitol. the crowds of the faithful overjoyed and the mass of security effort to keep him safe. we're live with the very latest. stampede tragedy. hundreds of faithful muslims crushed to death in saudi arabia on one of the holiest days of the year about the staggering is death toll as investigators determine how it could have been prevented. fighting fraud. the new way credit card companies are trying to stop thieves from swiping your information. hi-tech methods and what you need to know. and faux francis. the major fakeout on streets of new york just hours before the pope's arrival the premature sighting that had security officials praying for it to be over.
2:57 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you fall for that. >> who did that? >> you know. >> that's not nice. >> a couple of jokesters out there and a lot of people are willing to fall for anything. but cute story. we'll get to that, of course, in the next few moments. of course, we're going to start this half hour with pope francis right here in new york city with a jam-packed day ahead of him. >> the pope will arrive in the big apple, he has arrived just as millions of others do every year by playing into jfk airport. on the tarmac, he greeted several catholic school children among hundreds of others. he took a short ride in the popemobile waving to thousands on the sidewalk of fifth avenue. he arrived at st. patrick's cathedral where he was greeted by new york's top lawmakers. >> once he was inside, francis made his way down the aisle. he stopped to meet a 17-year-old
2:58 am
she suffers from spina bifida. >> afterwards she called meeting the pope an incredible experience. francis is the second pope she's met. she also met pope benedict seven years ago. marcy gonzales joins us live with more details and what to look for in the day ahead. what an assignment. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was absolutely incredible being out there seeing the pope in person. the nypd calls this the biggest security operation they have ever had. keeping the pope safe here on his second stop on his first trip ever to the united states. a true new york welcome for pope francis. thousands of people lining fifth avenueton catch a glimpse. >> i feel that he's all about tolerance. >> reporter: the humble leader of the catholic church and
2:59 am
way up one of the world's ritziest streets to this manhattan landmark. >> papa francesco, welcome to st. patrick's cathedral. >> reporter: inside the stunning cathedral, fresh off a $200 million renovation, the pontiff sharing a message about gratitude. >> translator: gratitude and hard work, these are two pillars of the spiritual life. >> reporter: after the address to congress touching on divisive issues including the death penalty and abclimate change. >> god bless america. >> reporter: simple prayers as pope francis brought his characteristicic warmth to the big apple. >> once you entered those famous doors on fifth avenue, you became an official new yorker. >> reporter: yeah, that new
3:00 am
official new york erg resting up now for yet another very busy day today. kendis and reena, back to you. >> marci, we know he starts off his morning with an address at the u.n. generally assembly. what what else is planned for his first full day here. >> aeld hold a service at the 9/11 memorial, visit a catholic school in harlem and come to central park and lead a procession in his open air popemobile and cap off the day by celebrating mass with 20,000 people at madison square garden. back to you. >> all right, and that station, penn station is going to remain open during that so quite a security detail there. abc's marci gonzales here in new york for us. thank you, marci. >> reena, and i, we went across town to see where the pope is staying right now, hoping to meet people outside. but not so much luck. >> yeah, right now, we did get a glimpse of the massive security
3:01 am
operation that's taken over the city. take a look. >> 6,000 extra police officers brought in, nypd working alongside u.s. screws service. they've blocked off this entire area. the pope asleep just a block down here. this is as close as they'll let us get. there's surveillance video watching the hour everyone waiting till the pope wakes up in a few hours. excuse me. wondering if you've seen a black fiat anywhere around here? >> not at the time, ma'am. >> we tried. >> good try. >> they are so tight-lippeded. they won't say anything. they're clearly doing their job. that officer had a sense of humor. >> there was while we were out there, a group of ladies who left the residence just a few moments after we got there. and they had served the pope a meal. they mentioned that there were 14 people at the meal with the pope last night. they say it was a pleasure serving him dinner. they didn't specify exactly what
3:02 am
they plan to be back for breakfast and breakfast is expected to be more elaborate than what we've heard in some of the reports. more than just granola and oatmeal and bananas. >> i hope there's a new york bagel in there. >> you would have to think. >> we can't let the pope go without a bagel from new york. >> he'll have pizza later on in the day. >> look forward to that. two of the 6,000 police officers assigned to protecting the pope in new york couldn't be more suited for the job. >> reporting for duty, officers hope and francis. showing off their badges em blaisened with their fitting last names. pope and francis posed outside st. patrick's cathedral hours before the pope arrived. >> what a great image. i have to a being out there tonight seeing the u.s. secret service and nypd, there is never been a moment when taxpayer dollars should go towards buying these folks a beer next week. we should all agree that taxpayer money should help. they are doing major work out there.
3:03 am
>> i love that you signify next week. >> that's when the pope will leave. >> by the way, more from the pope's visit coming up in this half hour including the family that drove all the way from argentina to see him. pope francis has offered a prayer for the muslims killed in a stampede in saudi arabia. the king promising a speedy investigation into how more than 700 pill games died. high temperatures and fatigue may have played a role. >> reporter: they were muslim faithful from around the world, crushed to death, just outside islam's holiest city of mecca. more than 700 lost their lives, making it the deadliest tragedy there in 25 years. in the aftermath, lifeless bodies lining the streets covered in white sheets. and another 800 were injured, including two americans, among the more than 2 million who make the annual pilgrimage. witnesses say the stampede began when two huge waves of pilgrims
3:04 am
at one of the sites that all pilgrims have to file through in a single day. one man saying people were climbing over one another, just to breathe. this comes less than two weeks after another disaster. a crane collapsed that left over 100 dead. stampedes in mecca are all too common. the biggest in 1990, when more than 1,400 people were trampled. the last major one, in 2006, when 360 were killed. saudi arabia's top health official says the stampede was likely caused by pilgrims who ignored instructions from the authorities. but the criticism is growing over the country's repeated inability to safely control large crowds. alex mark quart, abc news, beirut. >> back here in this country, ntsb investigators are on their way to seattle following a deadly accident. for foreign students died when their charter bus was hit by an amphibious tour vehicle on a busy bridge. 15 victims are still in critical condition this morning with a couple still in surgery.
3:05 am
with less serious injuries. witnesses say the duck boat veered out of control and be slammed into the side of the charter bus. the dalai lama is getting a checkup at the mayo clinic in minnesota. the exiled spiritual of tibet is 80 years old. his secretary says he's not ill but undergoing a yearly medical evaluation. he has made regular visits to the mayo clinic in past years. we've been hearing a lot about the extensive security measures in place for mope francis. every minute he's here is planned with military style precision. >> imagine the shock and surprise when police found out the pope had arrived. well ahead of schedule right here in new york city. cruising around in the back of a convertible. turns out it was actually a new wax figure of the pontiff heading to madame tussaud's museum in times square. >> i love the security it has with the sunglasses and such. the faux francis trigger aid police investigation actually and caused plenty of traffic
3:06 am
tie-ups. museum officials claim they apologized to police and no charges have been filed so far. can you imagine that scene. >> you know, you are not going to miss a good opportunity in new york for a selfie. apparently they stopped and dozens of people were able to take selfies with what looks like a very real pope. >> by the way, the museum says it's artists spent four months to get every detail right. i think they did a good job. >> i would definitely have paraded him around hours before if i had worked that hard. >> absolutely. he's now in the museum. i already saw folks taking selfies with the faux francis. >> that's good to know if you can't get a selfie here, go to the museum. coming up, more live coverage of pope francis' visit. >> we'll have more highlights from last night. plus incredible stories of the faithful making hair way to see the pope. some of those journeys across thousands of miles. and the simple mistake that can turn deadly leaving children
3:07 am
in the car. why some authorities are now cracking down hard on parents. >> and remember, you can always weigh in on facebook. we love hearing your comments. and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."bjects all over each villa and plugged in febreze. then real people were asked to stay for a long weekend. would they smell anything? the room itself was like [sniff] ahhh. feels like someone has pumped fresh oxygen into the room. on the last day we revealed everything. oooooohwoww. we were sitting right on it. continuously eliminate odors for up to 45 days [inhale + exhale mnemonic]
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tt2watv# 14 bt@q(r8 tt2watv# 14 "a@q8^\ tt2watv# 14 bm@q3up tt4watv# 14 " dztq *
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today pope francis participates in events all across manhattan. stops include the united nations, the 9/11 memorial, central park and madison square garden. >> busy day ahead. and top lawmakers on capitol hill are working behind the scenes to avert a government shutdown next week. the senate yesterday failed to pass a bill which would have stripped planned parenthood of hits taxpayer funding while keeping the government running through december 11th. republican leaders have repeatedly propsesed there won't be a shutdown. themakers of a popular birth control device were grilled id about the safety during a hearing. the device called e sure is implanted into the fallopian tubes. women complained it caused severe pain, stomach upset. the device maker bayer says it stands by the product and its safety record from every year some 38 young children die after being left in hot cars.
3:10 am
you would think with all the would stop. this week. steve oh sun samny has the story. georgia, this morning, temperatures were only in the 60s, and it was a cloudy day, but police still arrested kimberly bandoh, a lawyer and former judge who they say left her two young children in her car, while she was inside the courthouse handling a case. her kids are 2 and 3 years old and were in the car for less than 30 minutes. >> probably the children would have been okay, but i don't think the law gives that level of discretion to our police officers. >> reporter: authorities across the country are responding to the shockingly high number of children dying in hot cars. an estimated 660 since 1998 and 23 so far this year. an 8-month-old old boy was found dead in the back seat of a car at a walmart parking lot in macedonia ohio. >> okay, what's going on there? >> there was a baby left in a car. that somebody didn't know about. >> reporter: police say it was an accident, telling us the
3:11 am
baby's father left him in the car and then the grandmother drove that car to work. >> the former judge arrested here is charged with leaving her children unattended in a vehicle and she's out on bond. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. coming up, the credit card companies are hopping to chip away at fraud but are retailers ready? either way, your cards will still work after next week's deadline. >> ahead in our next half hour, everyone has got a different story what went on during this
3:12 am
3:13 am
well, you and i have travel the extensively abroad. we know the u.s. lags hinds other major countries in credit card security. but that is apparently about to change. >> because next week, retailers will either have to read the chips in cards or be responsible for fraud. >> more on how it works from abc's gio benitez. >> it's the new technology that aims to stop thieves cold. and in just a few days this hi-tech chip in your credit cards could lead to a lot less fraud. here's the problem right now. watch as this fast food attendant swipes a customer's
3:14 am
using a small device. watch again from the register to the skimmer. it looks like this. small enough to fit in a thieve's pocket and could even be installed at gas station pumps. police say this criminal couple was caught on camera desperately searching for their skimming device. the possibility solution, that chip. the electronic transactions association tells us it can't be duplicated by criminals like magnetic strips creating unique codes for every purchase. no more swiping. you put your card in and keep it there till the code is captured. >> when you have a chip card and go to a reader, you're no longer using the magnetic stripe. you're insirting your card and a one-time code is used to authorize the transaction. so your credit card information is no longer shared. >> now starting october 1st, the trade association says if businesses downtown have technology in place to read that chip, they will be entirely
3:15 am
liable for any fraud. but many of us don't even have a chip on our cards yet. so what do you do? >> if consumers don't receive their cards by october 1st, merchants cannot refuse your payment. it's your bank's responsibility to send you an issue you a new card. >> but the chip alone won't make your card entirely safe. thieves can still copy credit card numbers and use those numbers on line. gio benitez, abc news, new york. one of the biggest fears i've always had is skimming especially at gatt stations. apparently they have another two years to make the switch. >> it's so easy. we've done many stories on this and how easy crooks can do this sort of stuff. it's good to see the the technology is finally catching up in this country. a family goes an extra mile. 13,000 of them to see the pope. >> the mix is up next.
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of it is time for "the mix." it is a pope themed mix on this friday. talking about the world meeting of families. you know, it's taking place in philadelphia. the people will be there, of course. expect up to 1 million people to be there. in that group, will be this family. okay. so it's a family of four kids, mom and dad. well, they actually drove 13,000 miles from argentina. >> in that scooby-doo bus? >> in their vw. that's a fuel efficient vw because it was one from 19 0, not one of the country ones. anyway, this family drove all the way, 194 days, some 12 border crossings. and then they get 30 miles outside philadelphia and you know what happened? >> what. >> that scooby-doo bus broke down. >> no. >> 30 miles outside their goal and it broke down.
3:20 am
>> we hope they get to see the pope. you know who else is benefiting from the pope's visit? fiat, the black fiat the pope's been riding in. there it is. this is the 500 l. it didn't sell well. it's a two-door 500. apparently people believe it's going to be selling a lot better. they're going to be donating that one to charity. >> i'm sure it will go. >> poke polka i'm type.
3:21 am
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3:23 am
this morning on "world news now," pope francis in the big apple. the pontiff is just around the corner here. this is as close as security will allow us to get, some 6,000 extra police officers standing by prepared. as the pontiff begins what will be a whirlwind 39 hours in new york. >> and during those 39 hours, he plans a parade in central park. he will be speaking at the united nations and, of course, he's going to visit the 9/11 memorial on this friday, september 25th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we didn't really take the popemobile. we took a cabmobile. >> we took a popemobile. by trickery, we are suddenly here. >> that's the quickest trip across town. >> miraculous things happen when the pope's in town. >> heavenly. >> it does feel a very different vibe.
3:24 am
york is totally different. >> it doesn't seem as if it's that much of a police state. as i would have expected. yeah, there were some streets that were closed down, but we got within i'd say 100 feet of where the pope is staying, very close to where he's staying. it might be tolerable the next few days in new york. >> unfortunately, we weren't able to get a "world news now" mug to him. we did try but didn't work. >> tried to get my little pope bobblehead to him. didn't work, as well. >> i wouldn't bless that bobblehead either. it looks demonic to me. we'll talk about this later this half hour actually. where better to begin, 39 hours we mentioned going here staying here in new york city. jfk airport was where he landed. hundreds on the tarmac. francis greeted by many of them. >> he spent a few minutes with several catholic school children. after a helicopter ride to manhattan, francis arrived at st. patrick's cathedral for an evening prayer service. >> during that service, he offered his strongest expression yet of gratitude and respect for
3:25 am
american nuns many of whom were in attendance. francis thanked the nuns for their strength, spirit and courage. >> you may recall earlier in his papacy is, the pontiff put the brakes on an investigation of nuns in the u.s. who had been accused of straying from the church teachings. well, the nuns have already publicly expressed their gratitude. >> and before getting to new york, pope francis wrapped up his visit to the nation's capital. he became the first pope to ever address congress. >> as you know, the capitol building can be a divisive place. but the pope brought the lawmakers together in an emotional way. look at that scene. abc's terry moran with the details >> reporter: the halls of congress had never heard anything like this. >> mr. speaker -- the pope of the holy see! >> reporter: as pope francis made his way down the aisle, there was no glad-handing or back-slapping. speaker of the house john boehner had banned all that. so, they cheered francis, and he
3:26 am
stood there for a moment, taking it all in. no pope had ever stood here. and minutes before, just after entering the capitol, francis chaplain. in his office, speaker boehner, a devout catholic and former visibly nervous, before welcoming the pope. >> your holiness. welcome. >> reporter: all through the >> mr. vice president, mr. speaker. >> reporter: the speaker, this famously emotional man, struggled to hold back the tears and couldn't. overwhelmed by a dream come true. as the pope addressed the american politicians, the chamber hushed. they actually listened. speaker boehner had also tried to ban applause, but that didn't work. pope francis stirring deep emotions again and again. >> i think of the march which martin luther king led from selma to montgomery 50 years
3:27 am
ago. >> reporter: sitting a few feet away, congressman john lewis of georgia. he was on that march, beaten by police that day, and now, this powerful moment. >> i am happy that america continues to be, for many, a land of dreams. >> reporter: time and again, francis boldly raised controversial issues. immigration and the refugee crisis. >> we, the people of this continent, are not fearful of foreigners. because most of us were once foreigners. >> reporter: nearby, senator marco rubio, a presidential candidate and son of immigrants, held back the tears. on capital punishment, the pope bluntly called for -- >> the global abolition of the death penalty. >> reporter: and at the end --
3:28 am
>> reporter: he left the chamber and walked out onto the west front of the capitol, where 50,000 and more had gathered on the mall, and asked them to pray for him. john boehner, overcome again, and vice president joe biden, summing up a remarkable day. >> they love you. and we love you. >> you vice president joe bide and the first catholic u.s. vice president. i thought it was sweet to see john boehner get emotional. for many people who aren't even catholic or christian, he is such a spiritual leader. a man of compassion who just has such amazing lessons for us to learn. >> it was the worst drinking game ever and drinking every time john boehner teared up. but no, it was really touching and it's great to see that he's in touch with his youth and you know. >> and moved so many in congress who i've never seen get so emotional. so i was just upset they didn't touch hands. if ever we needed capitol hill
3:29 am
been that moment. >> maybe he brought them all together. we'll see how things proceed. next week, talk of a shutdown. weigh see if the pontiff had an impact. he brought the u.s. and cuba together. why not. both aisles of congress. >> he does have a full schedule on tap for today. starting at 8:30 this morning with a visit to the united nations where he will address the u.n. general assembly. >> next, he's off to grounds zero for a multireligious prayer service at the 9/11 memorial and museum. >> he then visits a catholic school in harlem, ahead of a procession through central park. at 6:00 p.m., the pope square garden. yield incredible pictures and moments and so many people hoping to get a glimpse, to touch him, to be blessed. a lot of people in pain, in fact, are hoping to get as close >> it will be a challenging day for security personnel and ordinary new yorkers. now. were talking about garnered a
3:30 am
lot of attention. what can we expect to hear from him today? >> reporter: he'll be speaking at the u.n. general assembly today. expected to touch on some of those hot button issues we heard him discuss on capitol hill. the refugee crisis, poverty and, of course, climate change which he's been very outspoken about. he'll be the fourth pope ever to address the u.n. in its 70-year history. he's expected to speak for about a half hour. >> and marci, with nearly 200 heads of state in town for the u.n. general assembly, what a week to be here, what an intense week for security especially for nypd. what kind of extra precautions are in place for today's events? >> reena, security has been and will continue to be very, very tight. there are thousands of extra officers on duty. and the most traffic closures, get this, in new york city history. later today about ten miles of roads will be closed. an absolute traffic nightmare
3:31 am
for everyone other than the pope. also, there will be so many barricades and eight-foot tall fences up around the events where pope francis will be if you spread them all out, they would span about 40 miles. and at all of those events, we saw this firsthand yesterday at st. patrick's cathedral, every single person going in is screened. you go through a metal detector, then you go through a second screening to see if you have anything on you, and then someone goes very thoroughly through any of the bags you're bringing in. the nypd, the secret service, the fbi, they've gone through every worse case scenario. they've practiced for everything and they say while there are no specific threats, they just want to make sure they are fully prepared for anything. >> they sure do seem they're fully prepared from what we've seen on the streets. want to thank you. marci gonzalez, thanks again. and a sign of the times this morning as thousands line up in new york to watch the pope's every move.
3:32 am
>> take a look at this telltale photo going viral right now. everyone glued to their smartphones as the pope goes by except for that sweet little old lady there in the front. she's the only one fully enjoying the moment, a smile on her face totally technology-free. >> i bet you, kendis, she will have the best memories because she wasn't looking for the camera button on the iphone. >> exactly. she won't have any instagram mers, but she will have the best stories to be able to tell her grandkids. of course, we're going to have much more live coverage of the pope's visit throughout the morning here on abc. >> the pope has prayed for more than 700 muslim pilgrims who died in a stampede in saudi arabia near mecca. officials say the deadly crush appears to have been caused by two waves of pilgrims meeting at an intersection. they say high temperatures and fatigue might have been factors in the disaster. the deadliest event to afflict the hajj in more than two decades. >> elsewhere in this country, police in seattle are looking
3:33 am
into reports that mechanical failure may have led to a deadly accident involving a charter bus and an amphibious tour vehicle. four students believed to be from china were killed in the crash. dozens of others were hurt including some critically. this passenger was a passenger on the duck tour vehicle. >> we were coming around the curb and he was pointing out the harbor and next thing i know, i think maybe the traffic slowed down and he veered out of control and we hit this bus here. and just spinning around and people were being thrown out of the duck and things like that. >> incredible images coming from seattle. drivers who came upon the crash immediately afterward described a terrible scene with the bodies of the dead and injured scattered over the bridge. >> we turn our focus now to politics and a new poll finding bernie sanders has opened up a 16-point lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. poll shows sanders with support from 46% of the voters, clinton with 30% and joe biden with 14%. biden has not announced as you know, whether he will run.
3:34 am
pope francis is probably going to need a steamer trunk if he wants to keep all the trinkets well wishers have been heaping on him during this visit. >> when he arrived at jfk airport in new york to greet fans an, he absolutely lit up when someone handed him a pope-like doll letting out a hearty laugh and blessing the gift giver. it was a wonderful moment, one of the many more likely to come during the next couple of days. of course, we have our own pope dolls. >> that you got us when you were at the white house. >> from washington while i was at the white house. this one is the official doll for this pope visit. the bobblehead and i'm told that they've produced about 50,000 of them and it's really hard to find. an "l.a. times" reporter tried to find one in new york, was out of luck. these are very popular. >> did they try amazon or ebay. >> i'm sure you could find it. >> i don't know about the bride of chucky. >> this is the chucky, which is a little bit frightening. >> what's with this one? they're all popular right now
3:35 am
because the pope is in town. coming up, someone who might consider himself as big at the pope. >> kanye west says he's serious about his next quest, to move into the white house. now he's kicking off his "20/20" presidential campaign. and new details regarding the high school football players who blind sided a referee. their coach now changing his story. >> but first we want to give you a look at today's forecast. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by united health care. there's nothing more important than your health. or the freedom to choose what doctor you want to see. so if you have medicare parts a and b, consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these let you choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. you're not stuck in a network, because there aren't any. plus, these plans help cover some of the part b
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there's gotta be a better way to find the right card. whatever kind you're searching for, lets you compare hundreds of cards to find the one that's right for you. just search, compare, and apply at a one, a two, a three percent cash back welcome back. the pope is here in new york city.
3:39 am
and so far, he's living up to his reputation of being a pope who wants to be with the people from his arrival to his evening prayer service at st. patrick's cathedral, his big apple visit has marked many interactions with ordinary folks, more will come today during events across manhattan, including a procession through central park where a crowd of about 80,000 people is now expected. >> we're told he's an early riser so he could be up at any moment now. >> he usually gets up at 4:30 morning in vatican city. >> something tells me he doesn't necessarily turn his tv set on to abc news right away. >> someone else is turns it on to abc news for him. we're going to move on now. >> it was a hit heard around the world. two high school football players blind siding a referee during a game. >> the boys say they were only following instructions and now the coach who told them to tackle the ref has resigned. with more here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: the camera doesn't lie, but almost everyone tangled
3:40 am
different story. players michael moreno and victor rojas claim at this game september 4th, assistant coach mack breed told them to target the referee for using racial assaults. >> the head coach says breed admitted he told the players to retaliate. >> the basically told them to make him pay. >> breed resigned. he says he did make regrettable comments but never explicitly told them to hit the referee. then there's the claim of racial slurs allegedly coming from that referee robert watts. as a hearing investigators said they couldn't find anyone else to back that up. >> no coach, no official, no adult, no opposing team player has provided any evidence or personal knowledge of a racial slur. reporter. the referee says he's suffering a concussion after this hit. texas officials have still not decided how or if the team will be punished. as for the players they've been suspended not expelled but they will not be allowed to play
3:41 am
football and still face possible criminal charges. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> we'll be right back with kanye west serious about running for president. >> and the kinny is coming up next. stay with us. we'll be right back.
3:42 am
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3:43 am
kanye west says he's serious. he really is going to run for president in five years. right now he's juggling a new album, his fashion line and a growing family. >> he tells "vanity fair" magazine he's the most honest celebrity right now even though he hates politics and isn't a politician, he says he's been encouraged by the reaction to his surprise announcement at the end of the video music awards and ed like to copy his creative projects while he's running. >> still the 38-year-old admits he's "got a lot of growing up to do in the next five years." at least he acknowledges that. >> and he acknowledges he was high during the speech. he mentioned it. that might have been the first presidential announcement that we know of high. >> hey, there you go. >> all right. daniel radcliffe is grown up and leaving harry potter far behind him. gone is the boy wizard with the shock of black hair and the glasses. replaced by this look for his next movie.
3:44 am
radcliff stars as an fbi agent who infiltrates a group of neo-nazis. >> the 26-year-old revealed the new haircut or lack of ha hair maybe on his google plus page. it's just the opposite of how he looked at comic-con a few months ago. the new movie titled "imperliam," it's been shooting near richmond, virginia. >> he found somebody who has google plus. and classical music is getting a new look. the los angeles philharmonic is experimenting with virtual reality. the l.a. ensemble has been demonstrating vr equipment in a superb bus dubbed the van beethoven. the music playing on it is, of course, by von beethoven. get it? >> got it. >> viewers will experience a fifth symphony as if sitting in the concert hall. "yes" is the title is an experiment, and they're hoping to change the minds of people who don't like classical music. >> who doesn't like classical music? >> i don't know.
3:45 am
>> kanye?
3:46 am
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3:48 am
well, it was quite a week. politics, the pope, of course. but there were also a milestone in the entertainment industry and an automaker running out of gas. >> not to mention a different kind of drug problem. it's all in our "friday rewind." >> welcome to the usa. hello, hey hey. >> as the son of an immigrant family, i'm happy to be a guest in this country which was largely built by such families. >> holy father, you remind us that we have a sacred obligation to protect our planet, god's magnificent gift to us. >> how did that make you feel? >> happy. >> excited.
3:49 am
so excited. >> i believe that i'm being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive conservative message can rise to the top of the field. >> i am a real person with all the pluses and minuses that go along with being that. >> hillary, who's become very shrill. you know the word shrill? she's become shrill. >> i've been called a hypocrite, i've been called a homophobe. what probably hurts me the worst is when someone tells me that my god does not love me. >> our company was dishonest. >> i don't know how i'm supposed to trust a company that went out of their way to lie. >> what do you say to your critics to people who say you're just being greedy? >> i think they have a fundamental misunderstanding of the way pharmaceutical companies operate. at this price, daraprim is not a
3:50 am
>> in my mind, i see a line. and over that line, i see green fields and lovely flowers. and beautiful white women with their arms stretched out to me over that line. but i can't seem to get there no how. i can't seem to get over that line. moment, i have to say. really powerful speech. >> powerful speech quoting harriet tubman there as becoming the first african-american -- or woman of color to win the best actress emmy there. and a big week ahead, of course, we have the unga that is taking place this week in new york. and festivities with the pope in philadelphia. >> the pope will be in philadelphia this weekend. don't miss our updates on facebook, >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for
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